Artificial Intelligence in Measurement and Education


Executive Board

  • Co-Chair: Chris Ormerod

  • Co-chair: John Whitmer

  • Secretary: Maggie Beiting-Parrish

Members in attendance




What you can contribute and/or learn.

Meeting Norms

  • Punctuality & Agenda

  • Confidentiality of ideas and resources shared.

  • Attribution and credit for work

  • Collaboration and mutual support.

Overview of GAIME


We seek to create an intellectual home within NCME for researchers interested in:

  • Item Generation

  • Automated Scoring of open-ended Items

  • Formative Feedback

Update the Status

Executive committee has agreed to put the matter to the full board at the July 21 meeting. Summary of points raised: 

  • How the GAIME SIGIMIE will be distinguished from the Big Data in Educational Measurement SIGIMIE.

  • How to leverage NCME website infrastructure.

Outline the Benefits

Coordinated Sessions, NCME resources, collaborations.


Speaker Series

  • Foundational Research.

  • Measure service implementation.

  • Involving non-measurement industry.

Literature Review and Synthesis

Resarch project Collaborations

Promotion of Events and Resources


Initial Tools


awaiting NCME Approval for domain name

Initial Tools

Zotero Group :

Initial Tools

  • Github Repo :

awaiting NCME Approval for domain

  • OSF Project Site

Guidelines for Fair Use

We need clear guidelines moving forward regarding fair and appropriate use of generative AI:

  • Validity and Reliability

  • Fairness

  • Privacy and Security

  • Accountability and Transparency


Meeting Close

Any final thoughts?